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The token economy is a rapidly emerging financial market. Utility tokens have provided projects with a means of raising capital to both fund and power their respective platforms and ecosystems. But it’s the securities market where tokenisation’s true strength lies.

This is the belief that drives the Tokenise team.

Drawing on our decades of experience within investment management, finance and compliance, Tokenise aims to bridge the gap between regulated securities and unregulated utilities. The Tokenise platform combines the old with the new; the ability to offer the opportunity to own underlying security in a business, create greater transparency and offer a degree of liquidity.

Michael Kessler

Founder & CEO

With 20 years in the investment management industry, Michael has gone on to build several successful businesses. He has worked in the blockchain space since 2015 looking at creating secondary markets for crowdfunded companies, and recently has lectured on tokenised securities highlighting the importance of regulations and compliance.

“We always thought there was a lack of liquidity in the SME marketplace but it was a vibrant part of each country’s fabric. With the advent of technology, regulations and wider spread adoption, it is easier to overlay securities (mainly equities) with tokens and have those as tradeable, on or off an exchange. It is a huge enabler to businesses, giving them the capability to raise capital more easily, but more importantly, it creates potential liquidity where it didn’t exist before. Tokenise takes it to the next level, allowing us, through our regulatory permissions, to act in a compliant manner to create something that is much needed in both the token economy and the traditional economy. It takes ICOs to a level where people have security as opposed to utility. It helps small and local businesses in their local jurisdictions, but gives exposure to a potentially international audience. This is what really excites me about Tokenise.”

Simon Telfer


Director at CGI, technology evangelist, crypto enthusiast and entrepreneur with 25+ years’ experience trying to keep IT simple. He has an extensive knowledge of the crypto and blockchain world and has deployed global programmes in blockchain, cloud and digital services, cybersecurity and application management.

“The prospect of a blockchain-driven marketplace for issuing smart contracts for real world assets, tokenising securities, tokenised crowdfunding and crypto funds, is revolutionary. Although revolutionary is a term that’s becoming a little bit cliché within the blockchain space, Tokenise certainly has a strong claim to it, as we look to leverage Kession’s FCA permissions to create a fully auditable RegTech business. In the current climate, that’s pretty groundbreaking.”

Ben Tubey

CTO and Insights Manager

Ben is currently CEO at Straight 8 industries and He has worked alongside Mike since 2009 and has built several businesses in the technology space, primarily focusing on Big Data and market analytics. He has also been responsible for tracking market manipulation with the Australian National Stock Exchange.

“I see Tokenise as a challenge. A challenge in terms of the technology, and the data and market analytics behind it all. And also a challenge to both the blockchain space and the traditional finance sector. Giving people the best of both worlds.”

Yale ReiSoleil

Director of Business Development

Yale is the CEO of IOB LLC which invests in innovative and regulated businesses that show promise in the blockchain world. He brings a wide breadth of connections and communities together and sees the global vision in creating partnerships and alliances with in the crypto industry.

“There’s a healthy balance to be struck between innovation and regulation if the finance industry is to evolve. I believe the Tokenise proposition does just that. It combines the innovation of blockchain technology with regulations, backed by an FCA regulated parent company. Tokenise ticks all the boxes.”

Laura Wright


Laura has 12+ years’ experience in finance and has been working with Kession for six years. Coming from a background dealing in high volume transactions she is perfectly placed to deal with the treasury management and the trading flows of the business.

“It’s really exciting to be in on the ground floor with Tokenise. Having been with Kession from the beginning too, it feels like a natural progression, not just for the brand, but for the finance industry as a whole. This is what excites me the most.”

Jessica Talbot

Compliance and Programme Management

Jessica has worked in the UK financial services industry for 10+ years, specialising in compliance, risk and audit, and training. Having worked for one of the UK’s biggest insurance brands, she offers a wealth of experience in programme management, operational support for both front and back office and customer experience.

“Being able to offer a fully compliant approach, in line with the FCA’s regulatory framework, to tokenised securities is a real game-changer. With Tokenise, we have an opportunity to help drive adoption within the crypto space by providing a degree of peace of mind that has, so far, been missing, with the absence of regulation.”

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Tokenise is a Kession Capital Limited brand.



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